Welcome to our Online Counseling/Telehealth service where you can hold 

secure online therapy  sessions  via telephone or video chat.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology to deliver mental health care services from a distance.  We use telephone and videoconferencing technology to meet with clients. By using video and telephone to meet with clients, we are able to provide services to as many individuals, couples, and families, as possible. Research shows that clients who receive counseling services through telehealth experience symptom improvements comparable to those who meet in person. A 2008 meta-analysis of 92 studies, for example, found that the differences between Internet-based therapy and face-to-face were not statistically significant (Journal of Technology in Human Services, Vol. 

Online counseling services can be ideal for many of the following scenarios,  but is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list:                 

·        If you travel frequently

·        If physical or mental health issues keep you from easily leaving your home and/or transportation is a barrier

·        If you feel receiving services online provides greater anonymity

·        If you want the convenience of avoiding travel time and traffic to get to a physical office   


We are committed to maintaining our clients’ privacy. All sessions will remain confidential and no records will be released without your written permission. We comply with all state and federal laws that protect your confidentiality, and adhere to the American Psychological Association’s code of Ethics.

There are limits to confidentiality.  In rare cases, mandatory state and federal laws require us to release client’s information without written approval.  These areas include: Suspected child abuse, dependent adult and elder abuse, and abuse of the developmentally disabled or chronically mentally ill, inability to care for one’s basics needs for food, clothing, or shelter, and threatened harm to oneself or others.


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Phone Number: 503-610-8524

Phone Number: 503-610-8524